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Best live betting

Live betting is also known as in-play betting or in-running betting and is an exciting way to gamble. With live betting, you follow the action and place a sports bet while the event takes place. Perhaps you want to bet on Total Goals, Next Player to Score, Next Corner or something else during a football game. Live betting allows you to make your predictions based on what is happening in the game. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of live betting in this article and help you get started.

Live betting – how to get started

The first thing to begin with when wanting to place live bets is to find the right sports betting site. Some things to consider when choosing where to register is the site’s license, welcome bonus, other campaigns, payment methods, customer service and of course – the odds! The higher the odds, the better value for the punter. The difficulty, but also the best thing, with live betting, is that the odds keep changing based on what’s happening in the game. Therefore it can be difficult to compare live odds, which is easier when placing bets pre-match. We can recommend you to read reviews and talk to other punters to get tips on betting sites. After you find a bookmaker it’s just to register and make a deposit, and then visit the live betting section to place your bet.

When you’re betting live, you will probably follow the action live or live stream. Perhaps your bookmaker provides a live streaming service? If you have money in your account you might be able to use your bookmakers live sports streaming facility. You can watch football, tennis, basketball and much more as the game unfolds. One of the benefits of live streaming is that you can be able to watch games that aren’t aired on TV and place your live bet at the same time.

Hopefully, you have done your homework before the game, to find all the information about the event. This can be time-consuming, but thankfully there are a lot of betting guides online that will help you with facts and betting tips. Perhaps you had a favorite team as winner pre-match but waited with placing your bet. If the team looks like loosing after the game started, the odds in the live betting section for the team will go up. If placing a bet when the odds have increased, your winnings will, of course, be higher than if you placed your winning bet pre-match. Perhaps the odds were 1.50 pre-match, but it increased to 1.85 when the team seemed like it was loosing. As you see in this example the odds can be to the punters’ favor in live betting. All it takes is a little bit of luck and some intelligent decisions.

Advantages of live betting

Another advantage with live betting is that you can make more accurate predictions when watching the action live. When watching a game, you can react to sudden changes and maximize your winnings. Sometimes watching a game live can be more beneficial to your betting decision, than hours of research. A small situation live can make you change your predictions and bet differently.

Another good thing is that you can change your mind after the game starts. If you placed a bet pre-match on the favorite team and after the game starts it looks like the wrong decision. Then you can place a new bet based on the current situation to gain some money back, by betting on the opposite team as winners. Sometimes the favorites are underperforming, you’ll never know. After all, it’s sports we’re talking about.

The bookmaker may provide several different betting options in the live betting section. This may allow you a wider selection of bets, and perhaps more fun ones than those offered pre-match. When the odds keep changing during the match, you don’t just follow the action in the game. You also get to experience the excitement of figuring out when to place the best live bet.

Disadvantages of live betting

It’s very easy to get carried away when you’re betting live. It’s exciting and the action in the game might be intense. If you win, you might want to play more just for the thrill and if you lose you might want to play to recover your losses. It’s easy to get frustrated. Make a budget before you start betting and stick to it. Also, never play when you have been drinking alcohol or feeling emotionally unstable, because your judgment may be affected. Play responsibly! We can also warn you for making stupid bets with low chances of winning since you might be allured by the odds. Live betting can be more difficult to handle than pre-match bets, since it requires more self-discipline and a sharp mind to make the right decisions. It’s advisable to just use 5% of your bankroll for live betting.

Best live betting

So, where can you find the best live betting? As we said in the beginning, searching for a good betting site is crucial. But it’s only you who knows where you want to play. It depends on what’s important to you, if it’s a generous sports welcome bonus or if you rather prefer a wide selection of sports. We suggest you visit various betting sites to find the best odds. It can be a good idea to register at several sites, so you can change between them depending on the live odds. Since different bookmakers can offer live betting in different sports, there is always a good idea to check where you can find the live odds for the sports you are interested in.

Also, make sure the sports betting site offers live betting on the mobile. What can be more thrilling than watching a game live and be able to place live bets as a spectator? Using your mobile phone you can place your bets even if you can’t access a computer. And with live streaming services you watch the games everywhere. Some sites have special betting apps which allow you to easier place a bet in your smartphone, than in the mobile’s web browser.

After reading this guide, hopefully, you are feeling ready to place your first live bet online and collect your winnings from your bookmaker – then keep watching the game for more chances to place live bets!