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BestBet is currently offering its customers live information in many different sports such as football, ice hockey, floorball, handball, bandy, basketball, speedway, tennis, e-sports and volleyball. With live scores you can easily keep on track on your favorite teams, leagues and sports with any of your devices.

The live score service offers you a wide variety of different kind of stats to give you more information and to keep things more interesting. You are able to track down every second of the play and you will get the information without any delay which keeps you always up to date on the match events.

What information can you find from

To make your betting easier you can find up to date statistics and schedules of a certain team or a full league. You can find for example full lists of top goal scorers, assist providers, player discipline, injuries, league tables, head to head statistics between the two sides, starting lineups and substitutes and lot more interesting statistics that give you lot of information about the match up and by that a comprehensive preview of a certain event.

During the matches you will see all the important statistics that you need to get the picture of the game even without watching it. You will always have team statistics for both of the teams compared to each other. You will of course also have sports specific minute to minute statistics. For example in ice hockey you will be seeing such statistics as goal scorers, assist providers and players who have taken penalties displayed. And of course for example in football you will also see some of the same statistics but instead of penalties you will see yellow and red cards and the substitutions that the teams have made. All these match events are displayed with exact time frames which tells you exactly what has happened and when.

Live statistics, timetable and match information

Using is easy. From the top you can select a certain sport that you want to follow. You can pick for example football which gives you a full list of all the matches that are played today. This will allow you to see both matches that are actually live at the moment but also those that haven’t yet started or have already finished. In here you are able to follow the live events but also you are able to see a preview of the events that aren’t yet started and also minute to minute statistics of the matches that have already ended.

If you are interested in a certain league in a certain country and only want to follow these events, you can easily pick up your favorite leagues from the country list in the side bar.

You can also freely select your favorite leagues and teams which will highlight the certain league that you are following and also gives you a notification when your favorite team’s game is about to start.

Find all the sports with pre, post and live odds!

From’s huge sports database, you can find all the sports data you could ever imagine. Our sports data consist of all the major sports, with leagues going from big internal events, to the smallest local games.