New betting sites

Every year new betting sites enters the online market and 2019 is no exception. Perhaps there will be fewer new betting sites though, due to new regulations in different countries. It’s no secret that the world of betting is under constant transformation. Much like the casino industry online. With the flow of new betting sites, the competition over the customers has increased a lot leading to a race between various betting sites - new and old ones. If you’re curious about sports betting we got you. In this guide, we’ll try to go through everything you need to know about new betting sites in 2019.



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It’s not easy to find the best betting site since everyone is different and prefer various sports, odds, promotions and so on. There are more or less countless online bookmakers today and it’s no wonder why one would ask: ”how in world do I find the best bookies if I want to place my bets online?” Browsing the web on your own for this task might seem endless. Especially if you’re new to this whole world. With this guide, we’re trying to help you! We’re not only giving you information about new betting sites - our ambition is to provide you with tips on the top online bookies out there. We also go through the various attributes and features you should look for while searching for a betting site in order for you to get the ultimate experience. Keep in mind, you can always check out any of the betting sites in our lists and give it a go. We’ve tested them and they’ve lived up to our own high standards. You won’t find every new betting site at BestBet though. Instead, we filter the best from the rest, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for!

Look for the best odds

Depending on your level of seriousness when it comes to betting you need to be observant with the price differences between different providers and online bookmakers. This is something we don’t think you should ever neglect. Even though the competition is really tough among the bookies today there shouldn’t be such a huge variance in the odds offered. However, if you take a deeper look into it you might be in for a surprise. Surely the odds and offers don’t vary a lot but be aware of the difference and monitor them if you can. This is something you should take in consideration if you bet regularly - or if you tend to bet with high stakes.

It’s always a good idea to see it with a bit of perspective. The tiny differences might not strike you like something to worry too much about but the fact is that they can add up quicker than you think. Select a bookmaker carefully, you can count on your savings by doing so.

Since there are so many online bookies today many players also have accounts at various betting sites. Then they can log in and place a bet wherever they offer the best odds at the moment. You probably compare prices before you go online shopping - so why don’t do the same before betting online? A tip is to check out the new betting sites since many of them tend to offer better odds on specific sports or leagues. However, then they can be outbid in other markets.

Many top online bookmakers usually offer their players specially enhanced odds. Also known as price boosts. They normally apply to special events where there is a huge interest in what’s going on. These are odds you should look for as well if you want the best ones. Keep in mind that enhanced odds often are available one time and most likely for new players only.

Betting bonuses and promotions

One of the reasons why many players choose to place their bets online at new betting sites has to do with the bookies' various generous offerings. It can be everything from bonuses to free bets, promotions with prizes and so on. Some doesn’t care but if you want to make the most of your stay you should probably take this into consideration as well before you choose a place to play. With bonuses and such you will be able to take full advantage of what the website has to offer.

When you can grab free bonus money to boost your bankroll from the start, why not do it? By doing so you can place even more bets from the beginning and it won’t be a big deal if you want to go with a bigger stake than you normally do for once. If this sounds interesting to you it’s pretty easy to check out how it works at a specific bookie. Just go to the website and check out the promotion page. Some will give you a no deposit bonus while others give you a bonus when you make your first deposit. Different providers will have different campaigns and some of them offer more than others.

Check out the markets offered

Even though we mostly talk about sports betting it’s important to remember that you can find odds and bet on so much more today. From political elections to reality shows, musical events and so on. However, the biggest section is still sport that covers everything from little leagues up to the biggest and most well-known leagues in the world. If you want to bet on the popular and big leagues and sports you don’t have to worry much at all since most of the online bookmakers offer these odds. When it comes to minor leagues, events, and rare sports it’s not always a given you’ll find these bets. Therefore we recommend that you take a look at the markets offered before you sign up and make a deposit at any betting site.

User-friendly website with neat design

The design is not everything but, to be honest, it’s always more fun when you enter a website that looks good. It doesn’t have to be that much glitter but we want to see that it’s a modern website and when the design is looking good it’s always a plus. One of the main criteria we look for in new betting sites is how user-friendly the website is. It should be easy to find your way around and not be a hassle to get the information you need. This might seem like a ”whatever”-thing but the fact is that it’s quite annoying to have to browse around the whole website before finding what you’re looking for. The same goes for the betting part. You should be able to place a bet and submit it in a simple way and the bet slip should be neat and tidy giving you the possibility to overview and handle it in no time. So, before you become a member - head to the website you’re thinking of trying and see how you like it.

Get help from the customer support

Another thing is the customer support. No matter if you have a question about a bet or if you’re experiencing any problems while visiting the bookmaker you should be able to get the help you need. If the customer support doesn’t work properly or if you don’t get your questions answered it turns into frustration in no time. In our opinion, high-quality support teams help out and solve any problems as quickly as possible or know the answers to your questions. Not all bookmakers put the effort into offering a support team with good knowledge about the brand - or find service minded staff. A clue to know that it’s a better betting site is if they are open with their customer support and if they’re available 24/7 every day through live chat, e-mail and preferably phone as well.

Various options for deposits and withdrawals

In order to start betting you need to make a deposit - if you don't get a no deposit bonus when you sign up. Then you need to choose a payment method that works for you and that you feel safe with. Most serious bookmakers and new betting sites offer various alternatives when it comes to payments. Also, make sure you choose a method that you can use for both deposits and withdrawals as most gambling portals want you to use the same. It shouldn’t be a problem to find a new betting site that offers the most common payments methods. You can always read reviews of different bookmakers if you want to be sure about what you can choose from.

Live betting in place

Just a couple of years ago most online bookies only offered simple odds. Nowadays all the biggest ones give you the opportunity to enjoy live betting as well. New bettings sites that want to compete with the best bookies need to offer in-play bets during the game. Most players can’t get enough of the thrilling feeling this gives you. No wonder live betting is this big today.

Trust in the company 

You should always be careful with your money. That’s why we mostly look at companies we know are the real deal. It’s not easy to build up trust because it’s a combination of time and players own experiences of the provider. Betting sites that have been online for several years tend to get a good reputation since many players keep on coming. Of course, you can give new betting sites a chance as well. Sometimes it’s good to remember that they all have started out as ”nothing” and built their brands from scratch. One of the things that help players with any trust issues is that the company behind a new betting site is open about their background and ambition and that you can see their approved licenses, get in touch with the support if you need any help and last but not least that you can read reviews of them.

New high-quality betting sites

When we search the web for new betting sites we usually stumble upon really great ones as well as bad ones with poor quality. If you’re looking for the best new betting sites there are some factors you can keep in mind while browsing on your own:

  • Mobile-friendly site: Most people own a smartphone or a tablet today and like to place their bets on the run or during the game from their couch. New betting sites must offer a mobile-friendly website or a betting app that works smoothly. Go to the betting site on your phone and see how it works.
  • Over-all experience: In order to get the best experience at any betting site you need to feel that the bookmaker knows everything there is to know about sports betting. The staff should know how to play themselves so that you will feel safe and that you can turn to them when you need any help.
  • Modern technology: Since so many chooses live betting it’s crucial that the website loads fast and that the technology is on top. Most big betting sites have their own software. Usually, you will be aware of this as soon as you visit the betting site. Does it run smoothly or not?
  • Bonuses and offers: One of the reasons why bookies offer promotions and bonuses is because they want their players to feel appreciated. By rewarding them with bonuses on a frequent basis they often feel that way. Do a quick check and see what a new betting site offers before you sign up. Also, read the terms and conditions connected to the bonuses!

We’ve already mentioned that mobile betting is growing all the time and this is one of the trends we think will stay this year too. Earlier you had to sit by the computer in order to place a bet and this is the main reason behind the popularity of mobile betting. One more trend that we might see more of is where bookies turn to social media and integrate this in some way.

Differences between new and old betting sites

So what’s the difference between a new betting site and a betting site that’s been established for several years? Well some might feel more safe with playing at an older betting site and they usually offer great odds, they’re trustworthy and have a wide player base. Sometimes they’re a bit old-fashioned though and they become lazy when it comes to improvement of their products. Younger companies and new betting sites might lack years of experience but it’s not always a bad thing. They’re often more flexible and ”hungry” on the market. So they introduce fresh and new features that players appreciate and in that way they give them a chance.